A Group Like That

For many years, I was a back-slidden Christian that knew Jesus, but had no clue how to live for Him. I was caught in the grip of addiction, abusive relationships, poverty and loaded down with all kinds of sin. I just kept trying to get good by going to church and trying to do more good than bad, but it never worked. I was the girl in the back row of church; the single mom with two boys, thinking to myself as I looked at the sea of church people, “You see, they were all born good and I was born bad. I guess this is the hand I’ve been dealt, so I will play it the best of my ability.” I was so sad, so lost, so convicted of my sin, but saw no way out.

  • I wonder what it would have been like if someone with a similar story held out their hand and showed me how to walk out this Christian lifestyle?
  • What if there was a group I could have joined where I figured out the root cause of my issues and was able to heal from them?
  • What if that group helped me discover my true identity and helped me see God for who He truly is?
  • What if I made real friendships in that group and they encouraged me and held me accountable while teaching me how to walk in a Godly manner?

Well…I never met anyone who was able to help me in this way and so the Lord gave me a vision of Purely His and helped me write a curriculum that teaches people how to go all in with Jesus and get unstuck from anything in the way of that, while creating a sisterhood or brotherhood that lasts forever.

Purely His is a non-profit faith based mentoring organization that promotes radical life changing results. We use a 5 step process that sets people free from past issues that are holding them back from living life to their fullest potential. We equip those in a mentoring capacity with the tools, training and support needed to effectively use the 5 steps in a group or individual setting.

I am asking you to be a part of what Jesus is doing through this ministry…we need your help to continue this discipleship movement in your area by talking to every pastor you know about starting a Purely His Group for men, women or teens. The Bible says that, “The harvest is ripe, but the workers are few” and the Lord keeps telling me “Go after the workers.” We all know that there are plenty of people that need help, so we need to provide them a place to get that help and not just a band aid or quick fix, they need real freedom…the kind that Jesus offers.

You can share our contact information, show the one of our videos on YouTube or contact us to send you an informational packet.


Call or text: 541-295-5775

Email us: purelyhisministry@gmail.com