Hi I'm Michelle

“You aren’t as stuck as you think you are.”

I wish someone would have said those words to me back when I was stuck. And boy, did I feel stuck. I was a promiscuous drug addict and alcoholic. I was a single mom on welfare who was in and out of abusive relationships. My utilities were shut off, I lost my car, and not only was I about to lose the roof over my head but I was about to lose my young children as well. I tried so hard to break the unhealthy cycle of compounded trauma from my short lifetime of abuse and addictive choices. Attaining lasting freedom seemed hopeless and futile, but by God’s saving grace and the abundant investment of time by patient mentors, I finally learned how to find and rip out the root causes of the underlying trauma behind my unhealthy choices, and therefore get unstuck.

“It took me many years to get unstuck, but I’ve learned that it didn’t need to take me that long. “

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  • One of the things about being at an event where Michelle is speaking is the crowd size may vary, but the energy of the room is the same every time. The Spirit of the room. I remember it from the first time she spoke one on one to an unbeliever. It was me. It was a very small crowd of one person. All the many counselors and psychologists couldn’t get through to me, but this one person who walked and talked the way I did could. I’ve watched Michelle speak to hundreds and then just a dozen. I chose to give my life to Jesus. And I had someone show me exactly how to walk that “Jesus life” out. If I didn’t get a glimpse of that hope, I don’t know where I would be today.

    Camille Hansen
  • That year was to be their 10th wedding anniversary and they were separated again. They had a story of addiction, adultery, anger, bitterness and separation. Shannon had agreed to do a group called Purely His...this was the last thing she would do to try to save this marriage and didn't have much faith it would work. Just a few weeks into her five month journey, Paul saw such a change in her that he decided to join a group himself. That was five years ago now. They have both gone on to lead several groups of their own and even mentor other struggling marriages now.
    "I only wish we had gotten ahold of PH sooner, so that we could have had this marriage all along."

    Shannon & Paul Aragon


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