Purely His Leader Training

Help Others Get Unstuck

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Are you tired of seeing others stuck but not knowing how to help them?

Are you intimidated to make disciples according to the Great Commission because you feel ill equipped?

Or maybe you just finished a Purely His Group and would like to have some training before co-leading a group yourself? 

Michelle had a dramatic life change and has healed from things that most people say you don’t recover from…but she has

Since then, she has gone on to mentor countless people over the years. She has helped them heal using the 5 steps she created. She discovered that she could be used by God to help others heal and she’s ready to pass on that knowledge to you!


Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Anyone who has a heart to encourage people by assisting them towards an awesome relationship with Jesus, assist them in healing from unresolved issues, and then equipping them to serve the Lord boldly, all the while, passing on all that they have learned to help others.

Learning Path

Learn how to prepare yourself to disciple others. Includes how to choose the right co-leader and prepare the room for a powerful time of ministry.

Your story is your authority and can be used by God to disciple others. Knowing who you really are and what you are called by God to do is very important.

Learn how to lead the group in discovering God’s true identity and expose the Enemy. 

Learn how to help people discover their unresolved issues and get unstuck from them once and for all. 

Learn how to challenge the group to live out what they claim to believe. This is where “head” knowledge and “heart” knowledge intertwine. 

Learn the practical steps to show others how the Lord wants to use them to make disciples. 

Learn what to do when you encounter different problems. 

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