Do you feel stuck, but can’t figure out how to
get unstuck?

Are you overwhelmed and feel like you need
answers now?

I’m here to help you!

I have been mentoring people for many years and God has given me a gift helping many like yourself, in finding where you are stuck. I’d love to help you get unstuck in a short amount of time. I will lead you through the healing you need during our time together, so come ready to do the work.

“It feels so good to talk to someone who gets it; who can quickly figure out what’s going on and help you immediately.” – Camille

I am not for everyone, but I am exactly what is needed for those of you who are ready to do what it takes to get free. Be ready to hear the truth and prepared to do the work.

With just one or two sessions, we can work through your own situation, struggle, or someone you are mentoring or concerned about. Our time together will be productive and you will get the relief you’ve been looking for. You can meet with me through video chat or a phone call from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

* Please note, I have a team of men and women who have been personally mentored by me and are available to help. See service options below.


  • My time with Michelle has always left me encouraged as well as focused. She is precise
    in calling out what the root of an issue is, but is also able to extend how God gives
    grace and loves us through our issues. I value the time and conversations I have with
    Michelle- she is a true friend and gifted in mentoring as well as discipling. The Lord
    has blessed her with an amazing, redemptive story that gives her insight and wisdom to
    pass onto others.


  • Michelle has a gifting from the Holy Spirit that allows her to quickly know the root of an issue. It may be that you need to forgive someone, forgive yourself, be set free from lies you are believing about yourself, God or others but when she hears your story or what you are currently struggling with she will be able to point out the root of the issue and help you to rip it out at the root. It allows someone to find healing quickly verses years of therapy or counseling. She is truly anointed by God.