When Michelle Caswell speaks, audiences listen... and walk away changed.

Michelle can truly relate to nearly everyone in the room.

The power of her message moves her audience so deeply that they laugh one moment and cry the next. Her happy ending isn’t the end, it’s continuous and breathes hope into those who hear her, no matter how dark their circumstances.

When Michelle shares her testimony, people want what she has–connection with Christ. Her journey shows that it’s so attainable and within reach.

“I love sharing my story on stage! I always have a few goals when I speak: to make them laugh, cry and for lasting change to take place in their life. I always ask the Lord to tell me something about the crowd I’m about to speak to and to use my story to illustrate that point. 

My favorite part is when I get off stage and the line starts to form and one after another I hear people say , ‘You just told my story! I have never heard anyone tell a story that I could relate to.’ And then I get to encourage them and pray over them…it’s completely fulfilling.”

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