Elephant In The Room

When I got divorced my life begin to run faster deep into the wilderness of what would soon become my regret, yet my awakening. I never experienced drinking to the point of black out until after my divorce. Not only did I experience that but I did so on two other occasions that summer. The person in the mirror was a stranger. I felt as if I had a battle going on inside of me. The battle was between me wrestling with Satan, me wrestling with God, and me wrestling with myself.

God started whispering to me. He started whispering directions, guiding my path. He was doing that because one of his sheep was lost. Although I did not know at the time that it was His whispers that was directing me- I somehow trusted and followed. He showed me a secret path, a path many do not follow, so my journey began down the new road. This road was a road of healing, forgiveness- both given and received. This was also a road of full surrender and growth! My path led me into a new home, into a new relationship, into some self-discovery, into a fuller relationship with God and so much more. Because isn’t that how God works?

When we learn to obey Him that is when we learn what His Love really feels like. We get a better understanding of what the fear of the Lord really is and what genuine full surrender does. How it empties us of us and everything that this life has given to us and what we have given of ourselves in this life and it fills us with love, contentment, joy, peace and so much more!

I would love to share with you the outcome of what happened as I walked down the road that the Lord led me on. If you want healing, peace and joy and all of the things that your heart and your soul truly seek; if you seek forgiveness, then please pray about joining a Purely His group or leading one. I believe the Lord will whisper to you and show you another road on your journey. Will you take it?

I have a new way of doing things now and one of them is reflected in a painting that I did of an elephant. It has become a new reminder to deal quickly with my issues and go through the steps that I’ve learned through Purely His, I now talk about and deal with the elephant in the room. I used to run from problems and not deal with them. I used to do that until it would build up so much that I would explode. Exhale…No longer!!

You CAN get unstuck and you CAN get set free.

Written by: Melissa Monaco